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UMass 19 Seton Hall 44, Halftime Notes

-Seton Hall with an absolutely dominating first-half performance, UMass is being outplayed in every aspect of the game with a dreadful 20 minutes on basketball.

-The Minutemen are shooting 0%, on 0-of-12 shooting from long-distance, while SHU is 4-of-9, with 2 3PT from Hazell and Pope each.

-Harris and Gurley are the leading scorers for UMass with 6 a piece.

-Seton Hall's defense has been extremely aggressive, the full-court press is causing a lot of UMass turnovers, the Minutemen have committed 9 in the first half.  Twice the Pirates stole the inbounds pass under their offensive basket.

-Seton Hall is shooting 52.9% from the floor, UMass? An ugly 19.4%

-Jeremy Hazell made a brilliant play on the defensive end, deflecting a UMass pass, hustling down the court chasing after the loose ball, falling on the fall while staying in bounds and blindly throwing the ball around and behind his head to Harvey who converted the layup.

-The clock continued to run during 2 of Hazell's FT's in the first half.  No one noticed.  Neither coach pointed it out, the refs did nothing about it.  I can see why UMass didn't complain, they want this one over, quickly.

-Herb Pope has begun another double-double consecutive game streak with 16PTS and 10REB in the first half.  Supposedly he was under the weather prior to tip-off, expect him to get a lot of rest in the second half.

-Melvyn Oliver has returned after he was temporarily removed from the team for academic reasons.  He recorded a BLK and REB in his limited action in the first half.  His conditioning needs a lot of work and he should never hold the ball at the top of the key for as long as he was doing.  He should also never try a spin-move in the low post, ever again, that was brutal.