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VMI 51, Seton Hall 64, Half-Time Notes

-Jamel Jackson, unbelievable.  Little 'Mel hit his first 7 3PT attempts and only missed his 8th on a wild half-court attempt as the shot clock was expiring.  He's making a case to continue receiving significant minutes once Keon and Jeff Robinson arrive on the the 19th.

-Can we play a little defense? Seriously, VMI can shoot it, but there's no excuse to give up 51 in the half.  VMI is shooting 47% from the floor and 43% from 3PT.  The Pirates are shooting 58% and 62% respectively. 

-You can mark Pope down for another double-double as he's only 1PT shy at halftime.  He's got 9PTS/10REB/3AST at intermission.

-Mel Oliver has 3 PTS and finished strong around the basket on one possession.  Other than that, it hasn't been a great showing for the big guy.  VMI's late first-half run started once Mel entered the game, coincidental or not, the team must be at least -8, or -10, with Mel on the court. 

-Keys for the 2nd half:  Defense. Pope. Keep shooting Jamel.