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Around the Hall: Return of Harvey, Kudos, Hazell and Lance, One Liners, Casual Hoya Q&A

After three offensively challenged starts, Keon Lawrence will most likely to return to the bench, with senior, Eugene Harvey returning to the starting lineup against Georgetown.   Harvey, who had been struggling with a rise in his turnover rate recently, put together a quality game in 25 minutes against Cincinnati, finishing with 7PTS/5AST/2REB/STL/0TO.  

Tom Luicci of The Star-Ledger looks at the "dilemma' facing head coach Bobby Gonzalez in regards to his three guards:

"The dilemma -- it's not really a dilemma -- the challenge we have with our three (point) guards is they're all a little different and on different nights they bring different things to the table and no one is really head and shoulders over the other one," Gonzalez said. "You have Eugene, who is a senior and who at times plays terrific, but is up and down. You've got Keon. He hasn't found himself yet, but he's very talented and we believe in him and we're trying to get him going. And you've got Jordan, who has been outstanding, who is the point guard of the future."

No, it's not a bad to dilemma to have, but it will quickly turn into one if the three point guards don't produce. Gonzo is right, Harvey has been up and down all season.  He puts together a great game one night, but then turns into a turnover machine the next.  It's been rare for him to consistently put together balanced efforts like he did against Cincinnati, however, if he keeps filling up the stat sheet like that, he's going to earn himself extended time.  I believe Harvey is the most talented of the three, he's a better distributor and a better shooter than JT or Keon, it's a matter of keeping his head in the game and not getting down on himself when he's removed for the other point guards.  It's part of playing a role on a team with a deep rotation, c'mon, we need you, Eugenius.  

NBE Basketball Report is giving kudos to Seton Hall for getting on the board with their win against Cincinnati:

Kudos to Seton Hall for getting off the scneid with their first conference win over Cincinnati. Jeremy Hazell again went for 30-plus and Herb Pope stepped to the line late and drilled two free throws like a 90% shooter. It will be interesting to see if the Hall can go on a run now because they certainly have the talent to string together 4 or 5 in a row.

Paul V Tyahla, of, looks at the Good, the bad, and the ugly Saturday night:

The Good:  The Plank has been critical of Jeremy Hazell lately, but the junior guard had his best game of the season. Hazell scored 33 points on 10-for-22 shooting, but also played an energetic defense that yielded four steals. While taking 40% of the team’s shots is still too high a ratio, very few of Hazell’s shots seemed forced. - Eugene Harvey gave perfect quotes to the press regarding his role off the bench. He was also sensational down the stretch. For the night, Harvey dished 5 assists with no turnovers. As a team, Seton Hall had assists on 57% of its made baskets.

A post by the Setonia blog mentions Jeremy Hazell, Lance Stephenson, Lance Bass, N'Sync and the Backstreet Boys in a three sentence span, funny stuff:

Last night, Hazell pretty much owned Lance, not just because he nailed some sick 3's in Lance's grill, but he prevented Lance from getting into a rhythm, or should I say, N Sync. In the second half, Lance played a little better, but it was great to see Hazell focus and win the defensive battle. A win for Backstreet!

A couple one liners, first from Sports Illustrated

Me to Big East head coach: "What is Seton Hall's biggest weakness?" Big East head coach to me: "They give up a lot of points."

Thanks Seth Davis, insightful stuff. 

Andy Katz of ESPN:

• Seton Hall's Jeremy Hazell, who has never seen a shot he doesn't like, scored 33 in a win over Cincinnati.

On a final note, I just completed a two part Q&A with Casual Hoya in advance of Thursday's game as the Pirates travel to D.C. to take on Georgetown.  Look for the Q&A on our sites in the coming days! It was a fun one and shout out to Andrew for initiating the process, well worth it!