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VT Hokies 37, Seton Hall Pirates 33, Half-Time Notes

-Seton Hall played hungover AND/OR drunk for the first 12 minutes, falling to a 24-10 deficit that forced Bobby Gonzalez to call timeout in an attempt to regroup.  They would play better basketball over the final eight minutes of the first half, taking a 33-31 lead, before Virginia Tech pulled ahead before intermission. 

-The most alarming moment of the first half might have been Doug Gottlieb's comments regarding the Pirates in Cancun.  Paraphrasing here, but he stated, "it's nice we've been seeing the Pirates together out here as a team, but they've been spending a lot of time on the beach and in the pool.  When we talked to Virginia Tech (coach-or-player) last night, he stated that they've hardly seen the sunlight."  Alarming.  To say the least.  

-Welcome back Mr. Consistency, Stix Mitchell, after only being given 3 minutes in a loss to Syracuse, Stix played significant time in the first half tonight.  No doubt, his increase in playing time was large in part to Herb Pope's early foul trouble, but whatever the reason, Mitchell has come to play.  Without Stix, the Pirates would be in a big hole right now. He's contributed 8PTS (3-of-5) 2REB/AST in the first 20 minutes.  

-Eugene Harvey started the game playing smart, crisp basketball.  For two minutes.  Immediately after that, he made 3 quick turnovers and hit the pine rather early.  He hasn't shot the ball yet and only has 1AST.  JT is also scoreless on one shot attempt.  Well, Keon Lawrence must be filling up the stat-sheet then right? Wrong.  Keon has 2PTs on 1-of-3 shooting.  This team will not win without significant contribution from its PGs in the 2nd half. 

-Herb Pope has only 2PTs/2REBS/5minutes.  After picking up his 2nd foul with 17 minutes remaining in the half, Bobby tried to hide him on the pine for a few minutes.  He reentered the game around the 11 minute mark and picked up his 3rd with 9 minutes remaining in the half.