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Post-Game Thoughts: Virginia Tech 103, Seton Hall 94

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-Where to begin? 

-For the second time in two games, Seton Hall gave up the touchdown loft in-bounds pass by the Hokies, to give the Hokies a 4 point lead after a Jordan Theodore 3 pointer brought the game within 2.  Manny Atkins got behind the Seton Hall defense and converted the fast break, putting the Hokies up 4, never to look book.  Seriously? 2 games in a row? Do you watch film? The opposition certainly does.

-What was Herb Pope doing on the floor with 4 fouls and 8 minutes remaining in the game? Not to mention, this was a two point game at the time, 2 points! I can understand 10 points, but a 2 point game makes the decision unacceptable.  I can't comprehend what Gonzo's thought process was, hopefully he can, because his decision ultimately cost the Pirates to play without Pope for the final 8 minutes. 

-A technical foul was called on Jeremy Hazell after a ridiculous shove following a jump-ball situation.  The refs blew the whistle and for no reason, Hazell shoved a Virginia Tech player.  The push was minor, but a technical was deserved.  Of course, the Hokies converted both free-throws.  

-Bobby Gonzalez, received a technical foul AFTER being warned for leaving the coaches box. And of course, VT hit both FTs.  This game ended tied in regulation AFTER Seton Hall gave the Hokies 4 gift-wrapped points? Alarming? Cause for concern? You bet. Discipline is starting to look like an issue and the head coach giving the opposition 2 free points isn't setting a great example. 

-Robert Mitchell. Clutch. He finished with 16 points on 6-of-11 shooting before fouling out in overtime.  He received 3 minutes against Syracuse, but tonight played 33 minutes, only Jeff Robinson played more, with 38.  Pope's foul trouble padded his playing time, but whatever the reason, he deserves to play and play valuable minutes.  With the game slipping away from the Pirates they turned to Mitchell, instead of Hazell late in the game.  Stix responded by hitting 2 clutch 3PTs in the final 2 minutes, his last one bringing the Pirates within 2 with 30 seconds remaining. Time to stop messing with the starting lineups and put him back in the starting five Bobby. 

-Gonzo Game Ball for Dorenzo Hudson who finished with a "Hazell-esque," 41 points on only 9-of-23 shooting. He went to the line and hit 20-of-21 free throws, taking notes Seton Hall? Should be. 

...Much, much more in tomorrow's Morning After Post.  Things aren't going to be pretty.