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Around the Hall: Looking Forward to Louisville, Monuments, Must-Wins, Haiti, Win Tickets, Blaney, Boland Fire

Jeremy Hazell is the Washington Monument while the Columns of the Fed Building are Robert Mitchell's legs.  Have no idea what we're talking about? Good, look to the folks at Setonia for an interesting take on our squad and the nation's capital:

The Jefferson Memorial -- Jeff Robinson

Jefferson Robinson, or JROB JR, is as much a renaissance man as he is beast. Even with only a few games under his Heavyweight belt, JROB has proven he can shoot, drive, post up, rebound, defend, pass, block -- a little bit of everything. And his breakaway dunks are enough to topple even Monticello.

This is fantastic stuff.  Dave and Ben are always an entertaining read, a must-add to your blog-roll.  

Is Jeremy Hazell going back on his words from Media Day? Jerry Carino of Hoops Haven, digs up Hazell's team-first quotes:

This prompted me to dig up my preseason feature where Hazell indicated he would shoot less and share the ball more. The relevant passages: 
The question was first posed to Jeremy Hazell by coach-turned-analyst Fran Fraschilla, as the Seton Hall star made the media day rounds in October. Would you rather score 22 points per game on a 17-win team or 17 points per game on a 22-win team? "I told him I’d rather score 15 points and win 25 games," Hazell said. "Because winning 17 games can’t really get you anywhere."

"I won’t have to take a lot of the shots I took last year. I’ve got more options, so a lot of teams can’t double team me anymore," Hazell said. "It’s going to make it very easy for me; the game will come smoother because of all the options I’ve got around me.

There's no doubt that Seton Hall must-win tomorrow night, should they wish to keep their postseason hopes alive, however, The Courier-Journal is also calling it a must-win for the Cardinals:

The Pittsburgh loss, as draining as it was, is firmly behind the University of Louisville. Not so much because the Cardinals have short memories as they have more problems to worry about. U of L travels to Seton Hall Thursday needing a win after losing leads in back-to-back losses to Villanova and Pitt. "That was really a bitter pill to swallow,'' U of L coach Rick Pitino said. "It was sickening for us, but you worry too much about it you'll get blown out at Seton Hall.''

As the tragedy in Haiti continues with another aftershock this morning, Pirate Blue has teamed up with former Pirate Samuel Dalembert in an attempt to aid those suffering form the devastating earthquake:

Please consider making a donation to the Samuel Dalembert Foundation. Your support in this time of dire need for the people of Haiti and the extended Seton Hall family is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your generosity and please keep Haiti and its people in your thoughts and prayers.

Win tickets to a Seton Hall game this season, all you have to do is submit a picture and you're eligible:

Here's what to do: Upload a photo or upload a video on showing yourself as a passionate Seton Hall Pirates fan, and you'll be entered to win. Make sure to tag the upload "SHU-fan" (don't actually use the quotes) as you fill out the upload form.

Former Seton Hall coach, George Blaney will take the realm over a struggling Connecticut team, due to Jim Calhoun's medical leave of absence. The Hartford Courant takes a look at George Blaney, who will coach the Huskies tonight against St. John's: 

After three seasons as head coach of Seton Hall in the mid '90s, Blaney returned to the Big East in the 2001-02 season as a UConn assistant. He was named associate head coach in 2007 and has been Jim Calhoun's right-hand man ever since, stepping in for the Hall of Fame head coach on several occasions.

Lastly, it's rare that I'll use this blog for anything other than a forum to discuss college basketball, especially Seton Hall basketball.  However, as an alumni and member of the Seton Hall community, the following story is very important to myself and everyone throughout the Seton Hall community. Yesterday marked the 10 year anniversary of the fire at Boland Hall.  January 19th is a date that will stay with Seton Hall students for the remainder of their lives.  Please take a moment to read Paul V Tyahla's, remembrance, ten years later: 

And we remember that while January 19, 2000 may have been the most painful day at the University, the ten years since have not been defined by one event. Seton Hall has been forever changed, but the school continues to live its motto of Hazard Zet Forward!