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Jesse Morgan Enrolls... At UMass

Jesse Morgan who signed a letter of intent to play at Seton Hall in 2010, will not be coming to South Orange. According to Adam Zagoria of, Morgan has enrolled early at UMass.  If this season has been disappointing already, things just became a whole lot cloudier for the future of the program.  According to Morgan's Godfather, the 6'5 175-lb recruit out of Philadelphia didn't have a qualifying SAT score required by the Big East conference:

"He’s at UMass," Fred Snead, Morgan’s Godfather, said by phone. The Big East does not accept non-qualifiers, but the Atlantic 10 does. Morgan will have to spend a year in residence at UMass and meet their minimum academic requirements before potentially being eligible for the second semester of the 2010-11 season. "He doesn’t have a qualifying SAT score," Snead said. "He wasn’t going to qualify [at Seton Hall]. The Big East doesn’t take non-qualifiers. "In the Atlantic 10 they can take non-qualifiers. He has to maintain a GPA of 2.0."

This is shocking and extremely disappointing for the Pirates. Anytime a recruit decides to enroll elsewhere after signing a LOI is bad enough, but when he makes up one half of the entire recruiting class? Well, that makes it worse. Let's get to work Gonzo. More to come later.