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Pittsburgh 26, Seton Hall 30, Halftime Notes

-Jeremy Hazell has been limited in the first half thanks to picking up a quick 3 fouls in the first 7 minutes.  I'm not sure why Bobby left him on the floor after his 2nd PF, he should have been relegated to the bench for the remainder of the half, instead he picked up his 3rd with 13:00 left on the clock.  He managed 5PTS/REB/AST in the first half. 

-The guard play has been very good, JT established an early rhythm for the Pirates, finishing with 4PTS/4AST/2AST/2REB.  He also picked up his 2nd PF late in the period, forcing Eugene Harvey to finish the half for Seton Hall.  Once JT left the game, the Pitt Panthers reeled off a torrid, 7-0 run to pull within 4 at intermission.  Eugene has played well himself in the first half despite a couple of turnovers.  Harvey added a pair of buckets and forced 5 steals on defense off of the bench for the Pirates.

-Herb Pope is having a strong game with 7PTS/3REB/STL/BLK/AST against a Pittsburgh team that has struggled defending big men all season long.

-Stix and Garcia have both seen limited minutes as Gonzalez has held true to his tightened rotation on display against Louisville Thursday night.

-Despite only shooting 1-of-7 from 3PT distance, The Hall is shooting 42% opposed to the Panther's 39%.  Pittsburgh is shooting 10-of-11 from the charity stripe, whereas the Pirates are 3-of-3. 

-The Panthers have turned the ball over 14 times, opposed to 6 TOs for the Pirates.  

-The Pirates have 9STL (5 from Harvey) and 2BLK, the Pirates only have a STL+BLK a piece.