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Herb Pope is NOT Going to Turkey And Other Media Day Musings

Early this morning, EuroBasket published the following report which linked Herb Pope to signing a deal with a Turkish basketball team, Antalya: 

Antalya inked a deal with Herb Pope (203-F). The forward will replace injured Dwayne Chism (206-F-87, college: Tennessee) on the roster. Herb Pope signed his first pro deal. He just graduated from Seton Hall University. Herb Pope tallied 11.5 points, 10.7 rebounds, 2.0 assists and 1.8 blocks per game in his senior season.

The report has been denied by Seton Hall, Kevin Willard, Jeremy Hazell and Jeff Robinson this afternoon at BIG EAST media day.

Kevin Willard had some fun with the report stating:

I know Herb was in class today, about an hour ago. So if he did go to Turkey, he at least went to class first.

Adam Zagoria added:

Media relations contact Matt Sweeney said they knew nothing about it. "Herb is on campus. He's been in class and this is all news to both [Willard] and Herb," Sweeney said.

For what it's worth, the report is still up at EuroBasket, the leading source of international basketball news, hours after it has been widely denied.  Instead of signing with a Turkish basketball club, Herb Pope was actually named a tri-captain for the 2010-11 campaign, joining Jeremy Hazell and Jeff Robinson.  I feel for Jordan Theodore who, in my opinion, should have been included here. Willard and the stuff must feel that Jordan Theodore will be the captain next year and possibly the lone captain. Not to take anything away from the other three, but I feel JT is just as ready to take on a leadership role right now, this season. 

Kevin Willard expects his perimeter play to carry Seton Hall this season, reports NBE Basketball

"Well, I think our strength is going to be our perimter play," said coach Willard earlier today at the annual Big East conference men's basketball media day at Madison Square Garden. "Jordan Theodore and Keon Lawrence at the point guard spot and also Jeremy [Hazell], 1st team All-Big East [preseason selection], and obviously a terrific scorer, coming back. And then look at our forward spot with Jeff Robinson and Eniel Polynice, so I think our 1,2,3's are definitely going to be our strength."

South Orange Juice contributor, Jason Guerette attended this afternoon's Media Day and will be posting a story later tonight, but he was busy tweeting about the conference and the Pirates: 

Kevin Willard continued to stress defense when talking about Seton Hall's chances this year. Seems like he's really drilling it in practice

He continued to speak highly of Patrik Auda, says that him and Fuquan Edwin will have a big impact this year.

I asked Willard about what he likes most about his roster. He said "versatility. We can play small, big.. Guys can play multiple positions"

Looking forward to J.P.'s writeup later tonight, check back for that.  

Jaden Daly also added the following Seton Hall notes: 

Mike Brey on Seton Hall: "They went 9-9 last year and got men back."

Pitino on Kevin Willard: "I think he's going to have an outstanding team at Seton Hall."

Kevin Willard: "We'll play some 2-3 zone, a lot of 3-2 zone." 

Willard: Patrik Auda will probably be "most ready to play" out of incoming players.

Willard: "Eniel Polynice has really blended in well with this team. He could play anything from point guard to power forward."

Kevin Willard on Seton Hall: "I've gotten great reaction from the local people. It's a great program."

Willard: "If you looked at our schedule, it's going to be tough to have immediate success."

Willard has spoken with @ and Steve Lavin about a culture that will bring kids to , and and not leave

Steve Lavin on @ and Kevin Willard: "I know they're rising stars in the business"