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Seton Hall Basketball: Final - Seton Hall 56, Temple 62

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-Down 4 with 16 seconds left, the Owls inbounded the ball.  Seton Hall attempted to trap in the corner and draw a 5 second call instead of fouling? Did this make sense to anyone? I highly, highly, doubt it.  Temple broke the press and ran the clock down to about 1 second left.  Juan Fernandez hit his final 2 FTs and covered the spread for Temple, winning 62 to 56.  

-This was by far, the WORST offensive performance I've ever seen from this group.  Check out some of these numbers: 

-26% from the floor, 26% from 3PT on 5-of-19 shooting.  

-Hazell (7-of-20), Hall (1-of-6), Polynice (0-for-6), Pope (2-for-12), Jeff Robinson (3-of-8).  

-Jeff Robinson missed his first four layup attempts tonight.  He wasn't interested in playing defense at all.  His man scored often and easily, time and time again.  It wasn't just JRob, Ferrakohn Hall and Herb Pope were extremely weak inside as Temple backed the Pirates interior into submission throughout the night.  

-Kevin, please calm down with the substiton patterns.  As I mentioned at halftime, the opener isn't the time for experimentation, this should have been taken care of, or KW should have at least grabbed an idea about what his rotation would look like from the exhibition.  The rotations weren't only frustrating, they looked careless.  Willard needs to know his players better than to run an open experiment in the team's season opener.  

-From all the talk we heard this offseason of Keon Lawrence's improvement, well, it looks like just that, talk.  Keon didn't do much of anything, he'd make a spectacular play, such as his block from behind and then promptly turn the ball over.  Keon and Eniel Polynice were both extremely wild with the ball in their hands.  Seriously, on the break, it looks like the ball is going to come flying out of their control.  

-The Pirates looked to give up quite early in this game and packed it in over the last 10 minutes of the first half as Temple cruised to end the half on a 17-4 run.  The Pirates failed to make a FG in the last 8 minutes of the first half.  

-The freshmen Patrick Auda and Fuquan Edwin were largely insignificant.  Auda finished 0-for-2, while Edwin, who received the start over Polynice was 2-for-5 for 5PTS.  

-Disappointment.  Yes, the Owls are ranked #22nd in the nation, they're a great defensive team and were the favorites coming into this one.  Still, disappointment is the only word to sum it up for this club following their 2010-11 opener.  A season filled with so much hype and promise got off to a start that was well, reminiscent of last year. Frankly, they looked unprepared.  Sunday at home against Cornell is a quick turnaround.  Hopefully they decide to show up for that one.  

Much for to come tomorrow from our writers in attendance tonight: JP Guerette and Chris McManus.