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Seton Hall Basketball: Halftime Notes - Cornell 35, Seton Hall 50

-What a difference 40 hours makes.  Just a day and a half after one of the most unimpressive outings I've ever seen from this squad, they pulled a 180 and got off the bus (actually, it was a van) in front of The Rock, ready to play. 

-How about the defense? The full-court press absolutely wrecked havoc in the first half, keeping Cornell confused, off-balance and turnover prone.  The Pirates trapped the Big Red into committing 9 turnovers in the first half.  More than that, they were able to constantly shave seconds off of the Red's shot clock after building a decent lead.  The Pirates have been quick on their rotations, playing a tight 2-3 zone and have been sharp stepping into the passing lanes coming up with steals and setting up their fast break on the other end. 

-Jordan Theodore is probably going to finish with a triple double today.  With the Pirates only up 15 points at the half (could be much larger at this point), I see no reason for him to sit extended periods of minutes in the second half.  He was on pace for a triple double just 12 minutes into the first half and at the break he's got: 10PTS/5REB/6AST/2STL.  He's 2-of-5 from the floor, but 6-of-6 from the stripe.  Most importantly, his decision making has been superb, only committing one turnover in the first half.

-After an abysmal Friday night, Jeff Robinson has returned to form.  He even drilled a 3PT attempt from the corner.  I'm a little worried with the make a self-instilled 3PT green-light will be activated for Jeff Robinson.  Regardless of the long-distane shooting, he's been one of the most dominant players on the court today.  At the break he's got 11PTS/6REB.

-Herb Pope has had a quiet first half, but of course he remembered to take the first of many, "big men bad 3PT attempts" for the Pirates, launching a brick with about 28 seconds remaining on the shot clock early in the half. 

-The Pirates are an impressive 17-of-18 from the stripe.  It's actually pretty unbelievable and quite clear how much Willard has been stressing the importance of making your throws. 

...More to come following the conclusion of the game.