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Seton Hall Basketball: Halftime Notes - Alabama 44, Seton Hall 39

-Over the course of the first 10 minutes, Seton Hall looked extremely flat.  Their transition defense was outright horrible.  Alabama was having their way breaking the press and finishing at will, possession after possession. 

-The Pirates didn't look much better in their 2-3 Zone or M2M defense.  All around, the players looked a step slow for the first 10-12 minutes of this half.  If Alabama wasn't laying in uncontested layups, they were hitting open FGs, including 17-of-28 from the floor, for a whopping 60%.  

-Over the last 8 minutes, the Pirates began to step up the defense, particularly in their 2-3 Zone and Alabama has had to work much harder in setting up their offense.  Still, when the Pirates do make a stop, they've been having trouble bringing in the basketball as Alabama is doing a fine job of controlling the boards. 

-The Pirates are very lucky that the Crimson Tide found themselves in early foul trouble.  Between a scoreless JaMychal Green who picked up two quick fouls and the Pirates entering the double bonus with 9 minutes, they find themselves only down 5 points at the half. 

-Other than foul trouble, the only other reason the Pirates are still in this ballgame has been the exceptional play of who else? Jeremy Hazell.  It's shaping up to be one of those nights for Jeremy.  What else can you say when Haze opens his night converting a 4PT play?  He finished the half on 5-of-8 shooting, including 4-of-5 from long distance.  On his only missed 3PT attempt he was fouled. 

-Alabama has committed 11 TOs in the first half and 10 T0s for the Pirates. 

-The Pirates briefly led with 2 minutes remaining in the first half (39-37), before Alabama finished on a 7-0 run.  

-Herb Pope's stat line at half: 0PTS/0REB.