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Seton Hall Basketball: Halftime Notes - Xavier 28, Seton Hall 18

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-Last Friday I noted that the Pirates effort against Temple was the poorest offensive performance I've seen out of this bunch.  Through the first twenty minutes tonight, their making a tremendous effort at playing even worse basketball.  If at all possible. 

7-of-23 from the floor.  3-of-13 from long-distance.  1-of-4 from the stripe.  It's been that ugly.

-Jeff Robinson and Herb Pope each hit their first 3PT attempts of the night, activating the "Big Man Green Light" for the remainder of the game from beyond the arc.  Although Robinson didn't attempt another one, Pope would miss his next three 3PT attempts before the half was over.  You may be asking yourself why he's attempting 4 3PT attempts in the first half?  You can keep asking yourself that question as I don't (nor does anyone, except hopefully Kevin Willard) have the answer.  

-The Pirates have a negative ball control ratio, sitting at 5AST/8TO. 

-Tu Holliday leads all scorers with 12PTS, JRob and JT lead the Pirates with 5PTs a piece. 

-It can't get any uglier.  I mean, it could and it's possible the Pirates end this one shooting under 20% from the floor. 

-We miss you Jeremy.  The team has absolutely no idea of what it's doing on offense without Hazell out there to keep the game close.  If there were ever a time for halftime adjustments, it'd be great for Willard to utilize them now.