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Seton Hall Basketball: Halftime Notes - Clemson 26, Seton Hall 19

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-I'd feel like a broken record if I once again said that this offensive performance has been the worst I've ever seen.  From here on out, it's going to be assumed.  Until I can type otherwise, that's how it's going to be.  This offense is not even average, it's not even bad, it's nothing less than poor.  Hazell is not going to be back for six weeks and it looks like his teammates are content with laying eggs night in and night out until their scorer comes back.  Problem is, by the time Hazell comes back, this team will have no confidence left should things keep operating the way they have been the last two nights.  

-Nobody on this basketball team can hit a 3-pointer?  Another putrid night from beyond the arc.  Tonight's first half numbers? 0-for-9 from long distance.  Of course, Herb Pope took his 3PT attempt, expect at least three more to come.  It wouldn't be a complete night without the outside shooting from our big men. 

-One starter has scored for Seton Hall tonight.  ONE STARTER HAS SCORED 1 POINT OR MORE IN TWENTY MINUTES.  Jeff Robinson has 6PTS on 2-of-7 shooting and you bet he took his 3PT attempts, missing both thus far. 

-Thankfully Seton Hall's 2-3 zone has limited the Tigers to 32% shooting.  You'd sign up for that any day, you know, if the offense was capable of scoring more than 20 points in a half on any given night.  It's a good thing Kevin Willard spent the offseason emphasizing defense, the problem is, it looks like it's come at the expense of his offense.

-Ferrakohn Hall leads all scorers with 7PTS on 3-of-6 shooting.

-Despite contributing nothing but terrible turnover prone basketball, Keon Lawrence was awarded with a starting nod tonight.  It's pretty unbelievable.  He's done nothing but hurt his team this year and you would have thought he'd be riding a lot more pine after another bad showing last night, yet he started this game aside Jordan Theodore.  Keon wasn't even the first player off the floor when Willard began his nightly revolving door substitution patterns, that was JT, just 3 minutes into the game.  Quick foul trouble for JT? Nope.  Turnovers? Nope.  For virtually no reason he was taken out of the game as, Willard rode out Keon who compiled a quick 3TOs and missed a 3PT attempt.

-Remember the rumors about the Pirates naming Tri-Captains this year? It's clear why Jeremy was named the lone captain.  No one is showing any leadership on the floor.  This is beyond embarrassing.