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Seton Hall Basketball: Bookmakers Give Pirates 100:1 Odds to Win NCAA National Championship

Disclaimer: The following post is for entertainment only.  South Orange Juice in no way condones gambling on sporting events, especially collegiate sports.  That said, with all the preseason rankings/predictions being tossed around, it's interesting to take a look as to whether or not Vegas agrees with the so-called, "experts." 

Odds for 2010-11 NCAA National Champion:

The Favorite:   Duke 3:1

The Runner Ups: Michigan State 6:1, North Carolina 10:1, Ohio State 15:1, Pitt 15:1

Value Plays: Kansas State 20:1, Kansas 20:1, Florida 20:1, Syracuse 20:1

That's all great and well, but where do the BIG EAST clubs check in?

Pitt 15:1, Villanova 20:1, Syracuse 20:1, Villanova 25:1

Georgetown 30:1, West Virginia 30:1

Louisville 75:1, UConn 75:1, Seton Hall 100:1

Cincinnati 200:1, Marquette 200:1, St. John's 200:1 Notre Dame 200:1

South Florida 500:1, Providence 500:1

Odds too low to wager on: Rutgers, DePaul.

It's pretty sad that the oddsmakers likely predicted a closer conference finish (9th) for the Pirates, than the BIG EAST coaches (11th).  Time will tell.