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Seton Hall Basketball: Halftime Notes - Seton Hall 48 - UMass 35, Open Game Thread Page II

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- The first half was definitely the most offensive minded half since the high octane Alabama game. For the most part, Seton Hall was able to play with UMass' fast pace. They lead the TO battle by +1, are equal with UMass in steals and have 7 more assists.

- The Pirates were able to score 48 points in one half without their starting point guard, Jordan Theodore, playing the majority of the minutes. Jordan picked up two fouls (one being those silly charge attempts that I mentioned in the pre-game), leading to PG by committee. Thankfully, Keon Lawrence and Eniel Polynice played some of their best ball of the season.

- The Pirates are surprisingly shooting decently from beyond the arc (6-15 40%).

- The defense hasn't been at its best, but it sure has created a lot of offense. Auda has had a few very solid defensive plays, Pope has had a few blocks and there has been a ton of altered shots. Definitely room for improvement though.

- Jeff Robinson is back. The Robinson we fell in love with last year (the far side garbage rebound collector) is back. He is playing in the post a lot more than we have seen so far this season, definitely a plus for the Pirates.

Second half focus ponits:

1) The Pirates need to continue shooting it well from the stripe. This game has had 20 fouls already, if the Pirates shoot at a 75%+ clip, it will go a long way.

2) Anthony Gurley and Freddie Riley need to be locked down from beyond the arc. The two players combined for 6-9 from 3PT and 24 points total. If that number can be knocked down, the Pirates will have a lot more success on the defensive end.

3) Rebounding. At one point, the Pirates were being out rebounded 16-7. At the half, they are being out boarded 22-16 and 10-3 on the offensive boards. Trim that number down a bit guys!

Here's to a great second half...