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Seton Hall Basketball: Halftime Notes - Seton Hall 46, Longwood 29, Open Game Thread Page II

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-Well, at least Seton Hall has scored at least 46PTS for the second consecutive game.  That's progress, no?  Unfortunately, we do have to consider the level of the opposition's play when breaking down this one. 

-Seton Hall should be winning this one by 30, we'll have to settle for 17. 

-Martiz Washington of the Lancers hit 4-3PT field goals on 4-of-8 shooting to keep Longwood in this one for much of the first half.  The Pirates have shown little concern covering him around the perimeter and he made them pay while he was on the floor.  Once Washington left the game, LU had limited options and the Pirates began to put this one away. 

-Fuquan Edwin leads the Pirates with 13PTS/7REB in 18 minutes of action.  He's looked impressive, hitting a fade-away jumper from 15 feet, slashing and finishing around the rim and he even found Jeff Robinson with an impressive alley-oop feed. Again, mind the competition. 

-The mysterious walk-on that has been added to Seton Hall's roster is Pete Dill who will wear #35.  He's almost certain to play in the second half in this laugher.

-Lastly, it's Keon Lawrence's turn to receive a first half benching.  He hasn't checked in to this one.  If this is another disciplinary issue with Keon, sadly, it's time for him to leave.  Enough is enough.

-In a laugher like this, we need to have a little fun.  Tonight's prop-bet:  Eli Manning interceptions v. Jeff Robinson 3PT-attempts? At the half, they're all tied up at one a piece.  Who do you got?