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Seton Hall Basketball: Tracking the Commitments - Part 1

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Welcome to the first installment of Tracking the Commitments. South Orange Juice will be writing periodic articles to catch Pirate fans up on the happenings of the verbally committed and signed recruits. This will be a quick and easy way to see how future Pirates are doing on their high school team, their AAU team and in other events such as camps.

2011 Signed Recruit List:

PG Freddie Wilson

Aaron Cosby

SG Haralds Karlis

Freddie Wilson, Hillhouse High School, CT - Connecticut Basketball Club: 

Hillhouse played their first game last night and were upset by Career Magnet 63-58. Wilson led Hillhouse with 16 points and 7 assists.

Aaron Cosby, Northfield Mount Hermon, MA - Kentucky HoopStars:

NMH has been very active thus far, playing eight games to Hillhouse's one. In these games, Cosby has been absolutely brilliant for Mount Hermon. According to (NMH keeps their team's page updated), Cosby is averaging 22.4 PPG, shooting nearly 40% from 3PT and 85% from the FT line. He leads his 5-3 team in scoring.

Northfield Mount Hermon traveled to New Jersey for the Coaches vs. Cancer Tournament at the Blair Academy (NJ). NMH defeated Hun 66-49 and Blair Academy 65-42. Cosby had 20PTS (5-9 3PT) / 6ASTS and 28PTS (5-10 3PT)/5 ASTS respectively. Various college basketball / High School Basketball gurus that were attending this tournament have said that Cosby looked great and other variations of "really good". 

On December 8th, NMH lost to a stacked South Kent (CT) 90-80. South Kent features Maurice Harkless (St. Johns), Kadeem Jack (Rutgers), Ricardo Ledo (2012 - ESPN 97) and Derrick Randall (Rutgers). Cosby tallied an impressive 32PTS/6ASTS against the future collegiate lineup.

In Mount Hermon's two most recent games, Cosby has tallied 17 and 19 points en route to two victories.

Its safe to say that Cosby is really turning out to be an underrated steal for Willard's staff.

Haralds Karlis, Canarias Basketball Academy:

There isn't much to report on the Haralds Karlis front. There is virtually no news on CBA on the internet besides one game that they lost over a month ago - the article didn't mention Karlis.

CBA is coming to the Northeast for a "tour" of sorts -- so I will keep you posted any information, dates, and locations that I hear. It will be a good opportunity for local fans to come out and see Karlis play in person.

I hope this brief report was informative. I'll post a Part two in the coming weeks to see how Aaron Cosby and Freddie Wilson are doing, as well as any information I come across on Haralds Karlis.

Go Pirates!