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Seton Hall Basketball: Halftime Notes - Seton Hall 35, Richmond 30, Open Game Thread Page II

-Jeff Robinson and Herb Pope have returned to the post!  Clearly making a concentrated effort to stay inside the post and away from the perimeter (save Pope's one 3-PT attempt), the duo have played their best basketball of the season.  The pair have each hit each other with pretty assists, that were followed by strong finishes.  The combo has tallied 16PTS on an extremely efficient 8-of-9 shooting from inside the perimeter.  

-Seton Hall is shooting the lights out at the Rock, making good on a whopping 57% of their field goals in the first half, while Richmond has hit 40% of their attempts.  Seton Hall is +9 on the glass (19-to-10) through the first twenty minutes. Pope and Robinsons newfound consistent presence in the post are to thank for this advantage.  The Spiders have been able to keep this game in reach, despite the Pirates hot shooting, large in part to Seton Hall's 8 turnovers.  

-Edwin started hot once again, hitting 2-of-3 3-point attempts, finishing the half with 8PTS.  

-Justin Harper of Richmond leads all scorers with 11PTS on 4-of-10 shooting as he's been lighting it up beyond the arc, good on 3-of-4 of his attempts.  

-Story of the first half: The Pirates persistence on getting the ball inside.  This was a concentrated effort by Willard and the Pirates and a strategy that I'm surprised we haven't seen more of through the first eleven games.  Better late than never.  We'll see you after the second half.