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Seton Hall Basketball: Halftime Notes - Seton Hall 26, USF 24, Open Game Thread Page II

-For the sixth consecutive game the Pirates lead at the half, thanks to JT's dribble-drive penetration as the clock expired on the first half.  Hopefully, tonight's outcome ends differently than the Pirates last two contests.  

-The Pirates 2-3 zone has stymied the Bulls in the first half, forcing two 35-second shot clock violations and holding USF to 30% shooting from the floor.  Of course, the basketball IQ of the bulls may be partly to blame as they looked rather clueless on both 35-second violations.  

-Jeff Robinson leads all scorers with 11PTS.  He did connect on one-of-three form long range, therefore, the green-light is surely to be extended throughout conference play.  Outside of his perimeter shooting, he looked impressive finishing around the tin as JT found him on a couple pretty feeds.  Of course, all that hanging out around the arc has limited him to just 2REB in the first half, a troubling trend that has continued all season.  

-Herb Pope picked up 2PF in the first 3 minutes tonight.  Willard gambled and put his big man back into the game with 12 minutes and left him on the floor until 4 and change.  The dice rolled in Seton Hall's favor as Pope played under control and got in and got out without recording his third.  Augustus Gilchrist wasn't so lucky.  He picked up his 3rd with a few minutes remaining in the half.  

-Seton Hall posted a negative assist-to-turnover ratio (4-to-7) and if they don't get that in the green in the second half, USF should have enough to squeak one out on the road.  

-Both of these teams need the win tonight against the weak opposition.  This style of play is going to be eaten, chewed and spit-out on a nightly basis in the toughest conference in the nation.