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Seton Hall Basketball: Halftime Notes - Cincinnati 35, Seton Hall 29 , Open Game Thread Page II

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-Seton Hall started slow and ended slow. If it weren't for an impressive spurt for the middle 10 minutes, the Hall would be trailing by at least 10. The offense is really to blame here, yet again. Seton Hall was settling for too many jumpers, ISO plays, etc. When the team looked good, they were passing, making fast breaks and the like.

- Cincinnati's full court press was effective early in the game, creating a couple turnovers and nearly a 10 second violation. Seton Hall was able to break it relatively easy after that.

- Seton Hall played good defense early, and kept it up for most of the first half. It seemed like every time that the Bearcats stepped foot in the paint, they were stripped of the ball. Fuquan Edwin, Jordan Theodore and Patrik Auda accumulated several steals that led to a handful of fast break points. This is when Seton Hall was at its best, they seemed to struggle in the half court sets.

- Patrik Auda and Herb Pope need to be really careful in the second half. Both got in foul trouble in the first. Auda picked up his 3rd foul with a few minutes to go, and Pope nearly picked up his 3rd, but a jump ball was called. If both get in serious foul trouble in the second half (likely), hopefully Willard learns from the last time this happened and gives Okoloji a chance.

- Keon Lawrence is playing very well again. More and more often we are seeing the Lawrence we have hoped for since he first suited up as a Pirate. Lawrence out played Theodore at the point for most of the half and made some fantastic passes. Keon also knocked down a few shots. He leads all Pirates in scoring (9PTS/3REBS) at the half.

- This is the negative paragraph and it revolves around 3PT shooting. According to Yahoo and CBS, Polynice didn't attempt any threes. If thats true, he took two VERY long jumpers and bricked both. He shouldn't be taking any shots from that distance, no matter if it was a three or not; They are basically turnovers. Jamel Jackson can't hit the side of a barn right now. He extended his 3PT drought by missing two decent looks in the first half. Hopefully Lawrence takes all his minutes in the second half -- he deserves them.