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Seton Hall Basketball: Halftime Notes - Arkansas 38, Seton Hall 26 as Pope Benched for Entire First Half, Open Game Thread Page II

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-Why Willard? Why is Herb Pope, the best rebounder on the Pirates benched for tonight's game? Remember, Willard denied Keon was benched for disciplinary reasons in Seton Hall's lone exhibition game, when in fact, he was.  Coach then benched Jordan Theodore for the first 5 minutes last week against SPC, noting that it wasn't a disciplinary measure, but instead, a chance for JT to "see" the game.  Well tonight, he benched Herb Pope for the entire first half. Say something, anything, discipline, health, not playing well, but don't tell us it's a chance for our best rebounder to, "see the game."  Kevin's post game comments should be interesting.  

-Once again Seton Hall looks lost offensively.  Very few offensive sets, lazy entry passes, rushed possessions, bad 3PT attempts, circus layups after circus shots after circus layups.  They are shooting 29% from the floor and 27% beyond the arc, which sadly, is actually better than most of their first halves this season.  

-Jordan Theodore and Jamel Jackson lead the Pirates with 6PTs a piece, Julysses Noble leads all scorers with 12PTS.  

-The Pirates are being DOMINATED on the glass as Arkansas is holding a 28-12 edge.  That should be alarming. As alarming as it is, it's expected.  I mean, how is it not expected when you bench the BIG EAST's best rebounder for the entire half?  Hate to keep harping on it, but Kevin Willard is playing with fire.  His team is on the verge of a blowout in an absolute must win game in a non-conference schedule where they've already compiled 3 losses.  Hopefully the message to Herb Pope is justified as Coach seems content in not putting his best players on the floor tonight.  

On to the second half...