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Halftime Notes: Depaul 35, Seton Hall 50

-Jeremy Hazell wasn't satisfied going into halftime without recording a 3PT shot, a deep 3PT shot at that.  Ferrakohn Hall ripped down a rebound with under 5 seconds and hit Hazell on the outlet, who converted from three steps past half court. Bottoms!  I tweeted in regards to the final shot of the half:

@GonzoBall: I think Hazell turned around and didn't even watch the 40 footer go bottoms. He just knew. Halftime notes shortly: #shbb

Hazey finished with only 6PTS on 2-of-7 shooting, however, I would take this tradeoff of Hazell < 15 PTS/game in exchange for brilliant team basketball.  

-JRob leads the Pirates with 12PTS/2REB/BLK, but was limited for much of the last 8 minutes as he picked up his 2nd PF with 8 minutes remaining in the half.  

-Immediately following JRob's 2nd PF, Pope followed with his 2nd PF and he too, hit the bench for a portion of the final 8 minutes.  Pope has already had a better game today than he has in his last 4, finishing the half with 8PTS/7REB/AST/STL on 4-of-5 shooting, while having no trouble setting up down low on Koshwal.  

-Seton Hall is shooting a blistering 56.8% from the floor, while holding DePaul to 41%.  Seton Hall is leading in three crucial statistical categories: REB: 20-17, AST: 10-3, TO 8-5, you win those three categories, more than likely you'll win the game.  More than likely is the key phrase here, we've seen SHU dominate the stats (UConn) yet fall to poor shooting, I'm not worried that will reoccur today.

-Tony Freeland is leading Depaul, coming off of the bench to drop 12PTS/4REB/STL/BLK

-DePaul was good for 35 points and shot 41%, honestly that's too much.  The Pirates need to increase their defensive intensity.  Although they were on the verge of a blowout, SHU let up towards the end of the 1st half, allowing Depaul to bring it back within 4.  Despite having DePaul on the ropes, clamping down on defense now will better prepare SHU the rest of the way.  Keep the pedal to the floor, foot to the throat, do not let up!

-By the way, clawsoca (follow her on twitter) put it best regarding the Bobby Gonzalez bobbleheads:

@clawsoca: Those dolls look nothing like Gonzo. They had some leftover Obama bobbleheads in a warehouse somewhere for cheap

Couldn't have said it better.  SHU Marketing has really dropped the ball between the lame slogans on the T-Shirts and now this.  I hope I can get one of these on eBay.  When people ask who it is, MAYBE I can play it off as Louis Orr.

-Post game thoughts will be posted immediately following the end of the game.