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Halftime Notes: Pirates 28, Red Storm 22

-Gotta love Carnesecca Arena.  Shot clocks weren't working, so we had a 21 minute delay before tip.  When Hazell cut his finger, it took one girl (yes, there was only one girl) with a bottle of antibacterial spray 10 minutes to play the role of Samuel L. Jackson in, "The Cleaner."  He went back to the locker room, but the report is that they can't stop the bleeding. Is there not a doctor on site that can stitch him up? Highly unlikely at MSG, where there would be about 100 EMTs on site.  MSG also would have functional shot clocks.  Just sayin'

-Despite only playing 10 minutes, Hazell dropped 10PTS on 4-of-6 shooting, his teammates have kept the Red Storm at bay by concentrating on defense, which we stated was a key to this game before the tip-off.  The Pirates have held the Johnnies to 29% shooting, replicate that in the 2nd half and the Pirates will leave Carnesecca with a dub.  

-Stix Mitchell has 8PTS on 4-of-6 shooting, Keon Lawrence 0PTS.  This is why I've made the case for an increase in Stix playing time all season long.  He's earned it and deserves the opportunity.  Credit to Keon where it's due, he had one of the nicest passes we've seen all season, a true no-look dump off to Pope. 

-Sean Evans leads St. Johns with 10PTS on 5-of-6 shooting, he's also added 3REB. 

-Jeff Robinson is playing out of his mind right now with 6PTS/7REB(3OFF) on 3-of-7, he's also added a BLK.

-To win this game, it's very simple, keep the defensive intensity high and take care of the basketball, the rest will fall into line.  It would also help if Jeremy Hazell could get some stitches and re-enter the game!