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Halftime Notes: Seton Hall 34, #2 Villanova 41

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-Keon Lawrence was assigned the tough task of defending Scottie Reynolds, which I predicted in the pre-game notes. Keon defended him very well, shadow guarding Scottie who only scored 2PTS while Lawrence was in the game.  Unfortunately, that was the only thing Keon did well as he finished the half on 0-for-1 shooting, TO, 2PF.  When he picked up his 2nd PF, he was pulled from the game and replaced with Eugene Harvey who ended up playing the majority of the 1st.  

-JT continues to have difficulty with his jump shot too. He's 0-for-5 from the floor.  To his defense, JT drew the assignment of Scottie and held him scoreless.  JT also has 3AST/3REB/TO and drew 2 offensive fouls on Villanova.  

-Eugene Harvey entered the game for Lawrence and made his usual quick TO upon entering the game.  He's the only SHU PG who has scored tonight with 4PTS/REB/AST/2TO. 

-Despite having an undersized frontcourt, it's clear the Wildcats want this game more, they're the scrappier team, fighting for every rebound and loose ball.  They're out-rebounding The Hall BADLY, 24-to-13, including 10, 10! Offensive rebounds for the Wildcats.

-Jeremy Hazell has been the lone bright spot for Seton Hall, shooting 6-of-10 and 3-of-5 from 3PT distance, good for 17PTS/2REB/STL.  

-Herb Pope got into foul trouble early again, picking up his 2nd PF with 7:25 on the clock and sat for the remainder of the half.  Through the 1st half, he's got 2PTS/3REB/2AST on 1-of-4 shooting.  He's going to need to turn up the intensity without getting into foul trouble if the Pirates are going to compete in the second half.  In the first half, Pope missed an easy layup and took a terrible jump shot which missed the rim from 12 feet away.  He needs to regain his form of two weeks ago, the sooner, the better.  Antonio Pena is winning the battle inside thus far with, 12PTS/3REB/AST on 5-of-8 shooting.  

-I listed 3 things the Pirates would need to do in order to win this game: 1) Win rebounding 2) Win turnovers 3) Stop Scottie.  So far, they're leading the 1 category I didn't think they would, #3.  If they can improve their rebounding in the 2nd half they'll have a shot, otherwise, this one will get out of hand early.