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Bobby Gonzalez On WFAN With Evan Roberts

Bobby Gonzalez was a guest on the FAN (660AM) with Evan Roberts at 11:30AM prior to the tip-off in WVU and answered a variety of questions.  I have included select quotes from the interview below.  I will go back later and correct the transcript word-for-word, as there may be minor mistakes in the following transcript that I typed while listening live.  I will also post the audio of the interview once it's up on the WFAN website.  

B.G. "we're making great progress in our fourth year at seton hall"

Evan Roberts: Why do you feel disrespected?"

"I don't know, lack of understanding of our schedule, who we've beaten, it's amazing we could be in metro area and not get proper coverage, Andy Katz has been gone, a lot of so called experts, ex players and sitting in studios have no clue, we beat cornell, we beat pitt, three of four teams got picked ahead of us that we've been, UL, Cinci, ND, it's just amazing."

"We have no bad losses, we have some great wins."

"It's just amazing they keep talking about teams that we've beaten, they have them on the bubble, they don't have us on the bubble."

"St. John's blew out Louisville, beat ND at ND, they were on a little roll, Carnesecca Arena, tough place to place, we're one of the only middle teams that went in there to play them, everyone else played them in the Garden. We've now won three in a row, only two teams have come in here and have beaten WVU. We know that will be difficult. We have four games down the stretch that will not be easy, with Rutgers, rivalry games are never easy, throw records out the window. "

"We're a dangerous teams, not too many coaches in the conference will want to play us in the Big East tournament"

Evan Roberts: What is the update on Hazell?

"Hazell will play today, contrary to some of these infamous blog guru guys, we have one in the state of new jersey, that has his unnamed sources that constantly writes articles with no credibility and came out with a story that said he'd be out a week, I don't know where they get this stuff, they almost throw it against the wall and hope it sticks."

Evan Roberts: What do they need to do to impress the committee and get in?

"We probably have to finish at least .500 in the conference, have to finish strong here, win some games at the end of the road. Whether that be 3-2, 4-1, probably have to go into BET win a game or two, our SOS has been picked #1 in the nation, yesterday it was 10th. We started out with WVU and SYR, VT on the road, CT at the time when they were 11th, went to GTown, our first four, then we came back for Pitt, knocked them off, had Louisville, beat Cincinnati, our schedule in the conference, I'm hoping they look at our record and say this team has had the toughest schedule in the Big East."

"I gotta believe, if they don't take eight teams, they're making a huge mistake. If they don't do it, it's a huge mistake. The people around the country that say we don't deserve 8 teams, don't coach or play in this league."

"We won some games when I went to the tournament at Manhattan"

"I've never seen anything like our league, ever in college basketball, there is nothing you can compare it to."

Evan Roberts: Watching Hazell, do you think he can be a good NBA player?

"I do think he's got a chance, I'm not saying that to make him come back, you know help me win games, I think that you'll have agents telling him whatever he wants to hear. The GMS and the people making the decisions are people giving us advice, they will say, if you come out now you'll be lucky to a 2nd round pick, or end up in Europe. Try to come back and be the all time scoring leader in school history, all big east, all american, maybe go to an NCAA Tournament. Then I think he'd have a chance to make guaranteed money. He is a specialist, needs to work on mid-range, handle, getting to the basket, work on his defense. I'm not going to compare him to Reggie Miller, but he's like Anthony Morrow, one of the better 3PT shooters in the NBA, there's a lack of 3PT shooters, JJ Redick has found a place, I think eventually Jeremy can help a team in the NBA because he's such a gifted scorer that can score the ball.

"Thank you Evan for giving us respect in the metropolitan area for what we've done, it really means a lot to me."