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Halftime Notes: Seton Hall 26, West Virginia 40

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-2 full body fist pumps and one mammoth leg stomp from Gonzo ends an ugly half of Seton Hall Basketball. 

-In the pregame thread, I focused on how the Pirates would need to step up their interior defense to stop WVU. It has not happened.  The Mountaineers have 9 offensive rebounds, led by Kevin Jones who is picking up where he left off in December.  Jones has 12PTS/6REB(3OFF).  

-Seton Hall doesn't have a player in double-figures, JRob leads the Pirates with 8PTS/4REB on 3-of-6 shooting.  Of course, since he drillded two 3PT attempts against St. John's, it appears he has given himself the green light, airballing a 3PT attempt.  

-Keon Lawrence is having one of the best games of his Seton Hall career thus far, because he's made a few jump shots.  He finished the half with 6PTS/3EB/AST/STL/2TO on 3-of-5 shooting.

-Jeremy Hazell has been a non-factor, despite starting, he's only taken 4 shots, missing them all.  He's missed a couple point-blank looks, including a perfect alley-oop lob from Lawrence that Hazell managed to airball.  The hand is clearly bothering him. 

-Gonzalez was forced to play JRob and Pope for extended minutes after they each picked up their 2nd PF as Ferrakohn Hall and John Garcia couldn't do a thing to stop WVU inside.  JRob ended up picking up his 3rd PF and Herb Pope picked up a knee injury.  Scary scene as Pope rolled around omitting an eery sound while yelling, "I can't feel it."  Pope was eventually able to walk off the court on his own.  If Pope is unable to return, this one could get even messier than the direction it's already heading.  

-Seton Hall has turned the ball over 12 times, opposed to WVU's 5.  Not typical of the Pirates.  They've got to clean it up.