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Halftime Notes: Rutgers 29, Seton Hall 44

-Well that was among the best 20 minutes from the Blue and White all season.  Team basketball at it's finest.  Unselfishness all around, from Eugene Harvey to Herb Pope, the Pirates continually made the extra pass in the first half.  

-Great defense on display by The Hall limiting the Scarlet Knights to 33% from the field and 20% from long-distance.  The Pirates forced 12 RU turnovers while only committing one themselves.  

-JT and Hazell lead the Pirates with 10 PTS each.  It's a welcome sight to see JT pull up and sink a jumper or two.  He finished the half on 5-of-6 shooting, after making five consecutive shots to start the half.  Hazell is shooting 3-of-8 from the floor and 2-of-6 from downtown.  

-Jeff Robinson is human, he's finally struggling after putting together four straight impressive performances.  JRob is 1-of-4 for 2PTS, but has missed a few easy put backs down low.  I fully expect him to get it together in the second half and put forth a strong showing in the last 20 minutes.  He also picked up 2PF so if he picks up a quick 3rd, Bobby will limit him in the second half.  

-Pope and Ndiaye are going it pretty good.  Pope's been good for 6PTS/9REB(4OFF)/2AST/STL/BLK, while Ndiaye has 7PTS/6REB/BLK.  Whoever has a stronger 2nd half will be able to claim NJ big man status, until next week of course.  

-RU is outrebounding SHU 22-to-16, however the Pirates own AST 12-to-3, STL 4-to-0, but most glaring, TO committed RU 12, SHU1.  

-Pirates need to keep up the intensity in the final 20 minutes.  Lose and go home.