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Halftime Notes: Marquette 34, Seton Hall 26

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-After missing a fadeaway 3PT attempt from the wing, Gonzo met Stix in the middle of the floor and gave him an earful from the court to halfway down the tunnel.  There was no visible reaction from Stix who just kept walking straight ahead.  Herb Pope actually had to step in and put his hand up in an attempt to get Bobby to give up the verbal assault. 

-Bobby was unquestionably upset with Stix for hurting the team with his bad shot attempt, however, he should look at how he's hurt his own players.  First, he refused to make an adjustment into a 3-2 zone after MU started the game 5-of-5 from 3PT distance.  Hayward was left wide open for at least 3 of his 4 makes from 3PT range.  Making matters worse, Bobby always seems to choose the worst part of a game to pick up his once-a-game technical.  After trailing by 10 and 8 points for a 7 minute stretch late in the first half, the Pirates finally pulled within 5 on a JT 3PT shot.  After MU hit a pair of FTs, Bobby gave the zebra an earful, picking up a costly technical.  Instead of cutting the lead back to 4-or-5 points, Bobby decided to give MU a free point as Hayward made 1-of-2 freebies. 

-Let me get this correct, Jeremy Hazell was too injured to start the game with a bad back, but once the Pirates fell behind 9-2, he came off the bench just 2:20 into the game.  Not sure I'm buying that.  

-JRob leads the Pirates with 11PTS/3REB on 5-of-7 shooting, luckily, he has not attempted a 3PT attempt yet.

-Hazell and his new found sore back are 0-of-4 from the floor, while he added 3AST/BLK/TO. 

-If it weren't for Hayward putting on a 3PT shooting clinic, while the Pirates refused to defend the perimeter, Seton Hall would be right in this game.  Instead, they're down by 8 with 20 minutes remaining for them to step it up and save their season.  In the pre-game I mentioned I'd have no problems if they put forth their best effort and the outcome didn't go out way.  The first 20 minutes have been anything but their best effort.  They've looked lost defensively for much of the first half, allowing the Golden Eagles to shoot 48% from the floor.  Will they make stops in the second half? Their season is depending on it.