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Big East Bubble Watch

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In yesterday's action:

Marquette (19-9, 10-6) defeated Seton Hall (16-11, 7-9), 84-83 (OT), spoiling the Pirates senior day.

With the victory, the Golden Eagles have probably done enough to receive an at-large bid on Selection Sunday.  Barring an absolute collapse to end their season (UL and ND at home) and a loss in their first BET game, they're in. 

With the loss, the Pirates are most likely destined for an NIT berth.  As discussed here and here, the Pirates must beat both RU and PC on the road before winning at least 2 in the BET to get back into the discussion. 

Louisville (19-10, 10-6) defeated UConn (17-12, 7-9), 78-76 in Storrs, despite trailing by 13 late in the first half. 

I'm not as sold on Louisville as I am on Marquette.  The Cardinals have a few bad losses: UNLV, CHAR, WCU, and St. John's.  They end the season at Marquette and home against Syracuse.  They can easily slip to 10-8 before the BET, which may ultimately be their final litmus test. 

UConn is solidifying their status as the soon-to-be most debated team on Selection Sunday.  In yesterday's Bubble Watch, I referred to them as one of the hottest teams in the nation, winning road games at 'Nova and RU, while holding serve at home against WVU.  All within a week.  They followed up their three game winning streak by losing at home on senior day, blundering away a double-digit lead.  They'll finish on the road against a Harangody-less Irish team and close their season in Southern Florida against USF.  They've got a fighter's chance of arriving at the BET sporting a 9-9 BE record. 

South Florida (17-11, 7-9) defeated Providence (12-16, 4-12), 99-93 in Tampa. 

I've got to admit, I counted USF out following their absolutely crushing loss at Villanova.  However, with a game at DePaul and closing their season at home against the Huskies, you can add them to the list of teams potentially bringing a .500 record to the conference tournament. 


No BIG EAST bubble teams in action. 


Villanova (23-5, 12-4) @ Cincinnati (16-12, 7-9) 7:00PM

South Florida (17-11, 7-9) @ Depaul (8-20, 1-15) 7:30PM

Louisville (19-10) @ Marquette (19-9, 10-6) 9:30PM

The winner will be eliminated from Gonzo Ball's BIG EAST Bubble Watch, while the loser will stick around for another week.