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Halftime Notes: Seton Hall 21, Notre Dame 28

-Ugly.  Gone is the fluid offense we saw in the first half against Providence a night earlier.  Instead, the Pirates can't get anything going.  Awful shot attempts good for 29% shooting and 2AST speaks to the lack of successful ball movement.  From 12:30 to 3:30, the Pirates hit a lull where they only made one field goal.  Yes, one field goal in nine minutes.  If this continues in the second half, the Pirates can pack their bags for the NIT.

-Bobby rolled the dice by trying to play Herb Pope with 2PF, putting him back into the game with about 7 minutes remaining in the half.  The gamble didn't pay off.  First Pope dribbled coast-to-coast and barreled into his defender as Herb was lucky to get a blocking foul called.  A few possessions later, Pope wacked Abromaitis in the nose, picking up his 3rd PF. 

-Hazell leads the Pirates with 9PTS, but is only 1-of-5 from long-distance and has taken many bad shot attempts.  Then again, who hasn't? I think everyone on the squad has at least one ill-advised shot attempt under their belt tonight. 

-Why did Notre Dame wait until their BET contest to play Harangody extended minutes? After only playing 11 minutes against Marquette, Harangody has burned the Pirates logging close to 14 minutes and nearly dropped a double-double, finishing the half with 15PTS/8REB.  The Pirates haven't found an answer in stopping him, Garcia got embarrassed early, Stix couldn't hang with him, JRob had trouble and Pope picked up 3PF along the way.  If Bobby doesn't find an answering to stopping Luke in that locker room, they won't be making a second half comeback. 

-43% shooting for the Irish opposed to 29% for the Hall, ND is winning the REB battle, 21-16, while both teams are 1-of-6 from 3PT range. 

-20 minutes to save the season.  20 minutes to dance.  Let's turn it around Pirates.