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Site Announcement: Last Fan Standing & State of GonzoBall, Thank You

Last night I was notified of my selection to participate in the 2010 Last Fan Standing competition along with 63 other college basketball bloggers.  On Selection Sunday, a team will be randomly assigned to each of us and we'll cover the respective teams for the duration of the NCAA Tournament.  Every submission I make will have the opportunity to appear in the CBS Sports coverage for that particular school.  Should I receive a lucky draw and my team winds up in the Final Four, I'll have an opportunity to blog the game from Las Vegas.  If they advance to the National Championship, I will go to Indy for the game.

My individual involvement will have NO impact on the day-to-day operations of Gonzo Ball.  If Sunday night rolls around and the words, "Seton Hall" are muttered from Greg Gumbel's lips, we will move full speed ahead with preparing for our opponent.  Should we wind up in the NIT (possibly as a #1 seed) we will shut the site down.  Just kidding.  Coverage of the NIT will proceed on Gonzo Ball as the team will shoot to win the tournament or at least build a bit of postseason success for the year to come.  Once the off-season gets here, we'll have plenty of exclusive content ready to go, keeping everyone in the loop until we're back on the floor in 2010-11. 

State of Gonzo Ball:

I'd like to use this post to express my gratitude to the readers of Gonzo Ball.  We've come a long way since we began the off-season as a tiny avenue for Seton Hall fans to read the latest news and rumors while expressing their thoughts and concerns regarding the upcoming season.  Over the course of the off-season and into the beginning of non-conference play, we averaged around 100-200 unique visitors a day.  After the non-conference schedule had passed us by, we were lucky enough to be picked up by SBNation to blog for this wonderful community. 

As of last week, we're averaging 500+ unique visitors per day and hit a high of 730 on March 5th following Seton Hall's victory at the RAC.  Hopefully, with some magic from the committee on Sunday, we'll be able to break the 1K mark for a single day, this season.  In terms of page views, we've recently eclipsed 35,000 since we've come over to SBNation, but considering our coverage of the non-conference schedule when we were an independent blog, that number is higher than 50K.  Again, thank you. 

Also a special thanks to the Gonzo Ball twitter followers (820+), who have watched the play-by-play tweets fill up their entire front pages during Pirates games. I'm happy to provide an alternate avenue for you to follow the games when television is unavailable. 

Lastly, a big thanks to Keith Stewart and Eric SoHayda for their contributions to Gonzo Ball.  Keith and Eric have contributed to game previews, in-game and "day-after" reports in addition to their exclusive work throughout the season.  I'm sure you'll be reading more of their work throughout the postseason.

Sure, we weren't happy with the early second round exit from the BET, but there's nothing better than March.  Whether we're selected tomorrow night or not, we'll wake up on Sunday morning with a hope and a prayer that we might possibly hear, "Seton Hall University" at 6PM on CBS.  And that's exciting.

As always, Let's Go Hall!