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Halftime Notes: Texas Tech 45, Seton Hall 32

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-In the first half, Herb Pope delivered his 2nd and 3rd, nut-shots of the season.  The first was a half-slap at St. John's, but tonight, he threw his body behind two elbow thrusts into Darko Cohadarevic.  Darko fell to the ground after the second and writhed in pain while the zebras reviewed the tape.  Pope was ejected after they reviewed the tape and will not be able to play in the next round should they advance.  Trailing by 13 points at half, it's not looking very likely.  

-Pope fired Darko, who efficiently hit 5-of-6 shots to record 10PTs in the first half.  Darko put together pretty shot attempts off the glass in consecutive possessions at one point in the first half.  

-For a few possessions in the first half, Gonzo rolled out a three-guard lineup consisting of JT, Harvey and Keon.  The musical chair substitutions continue.  This team isn't missing Stix? Please, that was ridiculous.  We miss Mitchell and the fans in attendance have let it be known with repetitive chants for the dismissed fan favorite.  

-JRob is playing as if he's the only Pirate who showed up motivated tonight.  He's been good for 14PTS/8REB on 6-of-13 shooting.  Robinson made his first 3PT attempted, which may actually turn out to be a bad thing as he's given himself the green light.  He proceeded to take 2 other bad 3PT attempts and bricked both.  

-The Red Raiders are shooting 55% opposed to just 35% for the Pirates.

-It's going to be an uphill battle in the second half for Seton Hall to pull this one out.  Pope hit the showers early and Jeremy Hazell has been ineffective and to the locker room twice as the trainers continue to work on his hand laceration. He's got just 2PTS on 1-of-4 shooting.