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Herb Pope Declares for NBA Draft

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Herb Pope's the next to declare for the draft, as Chad Ford broke the news this afternoon.  Pope's statement:

"After careful consideration of my options, and considering the needs of my family in Pittsburgh and a desire to compete at the next level, I have decided to enter the 2010 NBA draft. While I will continue to attend class at Seton Hall, allowing me the option of 'testing the waters,' I am 110 percent committed at this time to staying in this draft."

So he he's still attending class in order to test the waters, but he's committed to staying in the draft? Doesn't sound like a, "test" to me and I'm beginning to sound like a broken record, but please don't hire an agent Herb. Then again, we know Pope's got a young daughter in Pittsburgh and if he can see significant money this year in order to better provide for his family, we can't exactly blame the man.  In fact, he needs to do what's right for himself and his family.  

Now, will his pockets become much fatter next year if Willard can convince him to stay? I'd absolutely believe so.  However, it's Pope's decision to make and as members of the Seton Hall community we need to support him 100%.  Obviously, he's going to be an NBA talent, but is he ready now? That's open for debate.

Despite the bad look against TT and SJU with the groin punching, after speaking with him last off-season, he seems like a great kid and I wish him nothing but the best in his pursuit of a professional career.  Now, if he changes his mind and comes back to Seton Hall, I'd be ecstatic at the opportunity to watch him craft his trade and sharpen his skills with one more year in South Orange.