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Big East Bubble Watch

In yesterday's action:

Villanova (24-5, 13-4) defeated Cincinnati (16-13, 7-10), 77-73, holding off a late Cincinnati rally.

Say goodnight Bearcats, winning the BET is extremely unlikely for Cinci and that's the only way they're getting in at this point.   

Louisville (19-11, 10-7) was smoked by Marquette (20-9, 11-6), 69-48 in Milwaukee, as the cardinals only shot 37% from the floor.

Like I said in the last BE Bubble Watch, I'm not sold on Louisville and last night was an exact indication as to why.  Making matters worse, they have to finish at home against the #1 team in the country.  They're probably safe regardless, but losing their first BET game would raise eyebrows. 

Marquette, congratulations on moving yourself off of the Gonzo Ball Bubble. 

South Florida (18-11, 8-9) inched past DePaul (8-21, 1-16), 63-59, in Rosemont. 

USF is still hanging on by a thread, but a victory at home against UConn would give them the required momentum heading into the BET, needed to make a run. 


UConn (17-12, 7-9) @ Notre Dame (19-10, 8-8) 7:00PM

Notre Dame wins and they move into excellent position.  Even if UConn losses, I wouldn't count them out from a BET run, they're extremely talented, just wildly inconsistent. 


Seton Hall (16-11, 7-9) @ Rutgers (15-14, 5-11) 7:00PM

Must win for The Hall to get back on the Bubble's thread.