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Halftime Notes: Seton Hall 33, Rutgers 29

-Ball security, turnovers are killing the Pirates who have committed 9 already.  Unofficially, I want to say that's the SHU record for first half TOs this season.

-Hamady Ndiaye has gone all Thabeet on the Pirates, recording 6BLK's in just 20 minutes.  Impressing his mother who is in attendance for her first ever collegiate basketball game. 

-Jeremy Hazell has just 2PT on 1-of-7 shooting, meanwhile Mike Rosario has 1PT on 0-for-8 shooting. 

-Herb Pope will finally break his 2 month double-double drought as he's already recorded 18PT/9REB/3BLK/2STL.  Who said he has tired legs?

-The Pirates are shooting just 39% from the floor.  Luckily for the blue-and-white their intrastate rivals are only shooting 30%. 

-Rutgers doesn't have a player who has scored more than 6 PT thus far. 

-Pirates need to take care of the ball and win the turnover battle in the second and they should secure the victory, of course, it would help if they stopped getting blocked inside.