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Halftime Notes: Seton Hall 43, Providence 35

-Seton Hall had a chance to put a first half beating on the Friars as they led 41-27 with 2:50 remaining in the half.   However, Providence would unleash an 8-0 run in the final two minutes, making it a manageable 8 point deficit at intermission. 

-Seton Hall had the last possession of the half and it was a pretty one.  Eugene Harvey took the ball out to about half court as he let about 20 seconds tick off the clock, with 9 seconds on the game clock, he penetrated to the hoop, but two Providence defends collapse on him.  The senior, reached around one defender and dumped the ball off to JT who finished a pretty reverse layup.  Execution. 

-Regarding the roster and contribution output, the Pirates had one of their most balanced 20 minute efforts of the year. Hazell has 8PT, JT has 8PT, JRob 6PT, Pope 5PT, Harvey 6PT, Stix 6PT.  That's as balanced as you can get for your heavy rotation players. 

-Jordan Theodore tied his career high with 6AST in the first half already. 

-The Pirates put the Friars in the bonus with 11:30 remaining in the first half.  Too many fouls, the Friars only converted 7FT of 12 attempts, but this game could be closer to being out of reach right now if Seton Hall didn't put themselves in that position. 

-Sharaud Curry leads the Friars with 14PT on 4-of-7 shooting, he burned the Pirates twice from the perimeter when they left him wide open to shoot away.

-Difference in the game? Shooting from the floor, to the tune of 20% different.  SHU good for 53%, PC 33%.