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Halftime Notes: Seton Hall 55, Providence 39

-Herb Pope has been dominant since the very first whistle.  With the Pirates leading 5-4, I tweeted:

@GonzoBall: Pope offensive rebound and put-back, HE LOOKS GOOD TONIGHT. He's may very well take over. 5-4 SHU. #shbb#pcbb

Takeover he did.  He's had an extra bounce in his step tonight, he wasn't kidding about being juiced for the big lights. His mid-range jumper is falling, he's stepped out to the perimeter and hit a 3PT and he's been an absolute force inside. He finished the first 20 with: 18PTS/7REB(5OFF)/2AST/0TO on 7-of-12 shooting.   

-Jordan Theodore started off right where he left off on Saturday against the Friars team, scoring 13PTS/5AST/2STL/TO on 5-of-8 and 3-of-3 3PT shooting.  JT is everywhere on the floor, playing great defense, hustling for loose balls and making great decisions as the point. 

-Hazell has 10PTS on 4-of-7 shooting, without hitting a 3PT attempt, but has seen extended time on the bench after picking up his 2nd PF with about 8 minutes to play in the half.  

-Providence has turned the ball over 8 times, opposed to 3 for the Pirates.  

-Pirates are winning the battle of the major statistics:  16REB/14REB, 11AST/4AST, 6STL/2STL.  Ok the Friars can have their 1BLK/0BLK advantage.  

-Despite trailing by 16 points, the Friars are shooting 50% from the floor.  The difference in the game? They're attempted 30 shots, opposed to 40 for the Pirates.  

-Jamine Paterson leads the Friars with 13PTS on 5-of-11 shooting.  

-The Pirates need to continue to take care of the ball while remaining efficient on offense and they'll have little trouble moving on to Wednesday.  Of course, consecutive stops on defense will help seal the Friars fate.