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Herb Pope Update

Despite Mike Rice going to the Beaver County Times last Thursday regarding Herb Pope's situation, I didn't feel it was appropriate to report on the situation until the local media began to relay the information.  Both Jerry Carino and Adam Zagoria have reported on Pope's situation citing the Mike Rice statement. 

Carino's take:

Multiple sources have indicated that Pope's condition has not worsened as was originally feared after the sophomore forward collapsed at the school's Recreation Center following an informal workout session.


Now the members of the Seton Hall basketball community have become Pope's extended family and, whether or not he ever steps on a basketball court again, they are all hoping for his healthy recovery.

Carino and Zagoria didn't provide any new details (that we didn't learn from Mike Rice) regarding the events that transpired or Pope's current status.  SHU is keeping all information tightly guarded, as they should, due to privacy concerns.  Regarding the Mike Rice comments, I didn't feel that it was his place to tell the media the details as to how things unfolded last Wednesday.  That being said, I do believe his intent was to praise the first responders, which absolutely deserve all the recognition in the world and I absolutely expect SHU to do the same, when the time calls for it. 

Keep fighting Herb.