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Gonzo Speaks! GonzoBall's Thoughts On the Interview

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Speaking publicly for the first time since he was fired, Bobby Gonzalez sat down with Brendan Prunty and yes, he's still making excuses! Check out Prunty's piece, some notable excerpts:

On the last game he coached for Seton Hall: 

Going back to the night before, obviously was a tough night for us. The student body was a little negative. Herb Pope was thrown out of the game. A lot of bad things happened. We didn't play well. I think we were very, very let down to be in the NIT because our goal was really to get to the NCAA. There wasn't a big crowd and the wind was really out of our sails. It was a tough night.

On the firing: 

I think it was a hasty, knee-jerk reaction to a public relations nightmare and they needed somebody to take the fall because they didn't want to get any dirt on their hands.

On his relationship with Monsignor Sheeran:

Right now I feel very disappointed and upset, because I feel like Monsignor in a lot of ways - as a President and a priest and person that hired me at Seton Hall and honored my (four) years - that in a way, he should be ashamed of himself. 

Did Bobby just say the Monsignor should be ashamed of himself? Why, yes he did.  Considering Gonzo's actions during his tenure it absolutely blows my mind that he's telling others to be ashamed of themselves, expecially, Monsignor Sheeran.  

On whether he feels he brought in risky players: 

In 11 years as a head coach, I never had a player arrested, thrown out of school, failed out of school. Never had anything like that.

Um, Keon Lawrence was arrested on 11/9/2009.  Not to mention, Robert Mitchell was arrested two days after Bobby kicked him off the team.  Sure, he wasn't an official Pirate at the time, but still.  Never had anything like that? Has Bobby lost his mind? 

On if he feels he'll have a chance to coach again? 

Absolutely. If you look around the country - and I'm certainly not going to name any names of coaches or schools - but there's been guys right now currently (coaching) that have had sex scandals. There have been guys that have had DWIs that are coaching. There have been guys that have had major NCAA violations that are coaching.

WOW.  Taking a shot at the Pitrino tree with comments directed at both Rick and new Seton Hall hire, Kevin Willard. Just a low class comment from Bobby, very low class.  Go about your business, say you believe you'll coach again, but there's no need to take shots at other coaches who have had trouble in their past.  Speaking of him coaching again, I'll be very surprised if he's coaching D1 anytime soon, unless he takes an assistant's job somewhere and gets back to his recruiting roots.  On the other hand, I almost expect him to pick up an assistant coaching gig in the NBA as I feel he'd be better off working with a professional organization instead of working cohesively with college administrations and students.  

Why is he talking now? 

BG: First of all, this is something - in mine and my wife's opinion - that should have been resolved. They fired me and asked me to handle it with dignity and I have. Where's their dignity? Honor the contract.

To be fair, if Bobby signed the contract extension which he claims, Seton Hall needs to honor the contract.  With that said, those facts will be settled in the court of law, Bobby had a chance to take the high road and let it play it out in court, where it's supposed to.  Now, he sounds very childish in his comments about the University, Monsignor and his fellow coaches in the fraternity.  Again, He had an opportunity to take the high road, but he didn't.  Best of luck to Gonzo in finding a job in his future.