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The East Coast Bias: BIG EAST Roundtable - July

GonzoBall recently participated in The East Coast Bias' BIG EAST Roundtable for July, where Eric SoHayda answered four questions pertaining to Seton Hall and the BIG EAST.  We will post each part of this roundtable as TECB posts them on their blog.  We encourage you to venture over there to read up on answers from an array of BIG EAST bloggers.  In today's edition: Seton Hall, UConn, DePaul, Georgetown, Marquette, Pittsburgh, St. John's Villanova. 

Part I: Q1: For 2010, which players will be leaving the squad?  What holes will need to be filled?

GonzoBall:  In 2010 the Seton Hall Pirates graduated Eugene Harvey and 5th year senior John Garcia. While Harvey played an integral part of the 2009 Pirates at the point guard position, he left the reigns of the team in the very capable hands of junior Jordan Theodore. Garcia gave everything he had on the court unfortunately, his knees just wouldn't allow him to play at the highest level for a sustained period of time.

Both of these captains will be missed on the court, but more than anything, they will be missed for their off the court leadership and experience. They were true warriors who fought to the end for the Blue and White.

Also leaving the team due to other circumstances were center Melvyn Oliver (transfer) and wing Robert "Stix" Mitchell, who was dismissed from the team last year.

The biggest hole for the Pirates that needs to be addressed is the health of forward Herb Pope. After collapsing during a workout in April, he spent a month in the hospital recuperating. If Pope is able to play again at the level the Pirate faithful have come to expect, South Orange should have a buzz not seen since the 2000-2001 season.

Another hole that needs to be addressed is at the center position. Pope played out of position at times and a backup for Pope needs to be found. Incoming freshmen may be expected to fill in for Pope at the 4 or 5 depending on which lineup the coach will run out on the floor.

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