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Bobby Gonzalez Pleads Not Guilty

From ESPN:

Gonzalez spoke during the five-minute arraignment only to verify his address in Harrison, N.Y. His attorney, Anna Cominsky, entered the plea on his behalf. Neither commented after the proceeding.

Gonzalez is accused of taking a satchel worth about $1,400 from the Polo Ralph Lauren store in The Mall at Short Hills on June 29. Police said he removed the sensor device from the satchel and walked out of the store without paying for it.

Did he really wear an un-tucked polo shirt to his court date? A court date in which he's pleading not guilty to shoplifting a Polo man-purse? He couldn't be bothered to wear a suit? Did he lease all of the suits he wore on the sidelines? Does any of this surprise you anymore? It certainly shouldn't. Click the photograph here for a full gallery of his day in court.