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The East Coast Bias: BIG EAST Roundtable, July - Part III

GonzoBall recently participated in The East Coast Bias' BIG EAST Roundtable for July, where Eric SoHayda answered four questions pertaining to Seton Hall and the BIG EAST.  We will post each part of this roundtable as TECB posts them on their blog.  We encourage you to venture over there to read up on answers from an array of BIG EAST bloggers.  In today's edition: Seton Hall, UConn, DePaul, Georgetown, Marquette, Pittsburgh, St. John's Villanova.

Q3: How is the recruiting for 2011 going? Who is your team looking at?

GonzoBall: Coach Willard and his staff are working hard hitting the tough recruiting trail and not just in the United States. Clearly a vast expansive ocean will not prevent some good players from overseas from coming to Seton Hall.

The first 2011 commit is that of Aaron Cosby from Kentucky in the good Ole USA and will be at the guard position. He is a good defender and able ball handler who will be a welcome addition to Coach Willard's roster.

The players who Seton Hall are involved with are numerous and the coaching staff is doing a great job of keeping that hush-hush and playing things close to the vest. Next year will be a huge year in terms of recruiting when as many as 5 scholarship players may leave. If Coach Willard thought he had holes to fill this year, he will have gorges to fill next.

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