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The East Coast Bias: BIG EAST Roundtable, July - Part IV

GonzoBall recently participated in The East Coast Bias' BIG EAST Roundtable for July, where Eric SoHayda answered four questions pertaining to Seton Hall and the BIG EAST.  We will post each part of this roundtable as TECB posts them on their blog.  We encourage you to venture over there to read up on answers from an array of BIG EAST bloggers.  In today's edition: Seton Hall, UConn, DePaul, Georgetown, Marquette, Pittsburgh, St. John's Villanova.

Q4: For the last 2 years, some media members have remarked that the Big East will be "down next year." Has the league been "down" recently (and define what down would mean to you) and will it be next year?

GonzoBall: Over the course of the last few years the mainstream media has thought that the Big East conference would be "down".

Of course the conference is going to be down, how many times have can one conference get two teams to the final four? Nine teams to the Big Dance? The Big East, in basketball, is what the SEC is in football; a conference that features the best teams with the most depth from top to bottom. Is the ACC good? Yes. Is the Big 12 good? Certainly. Can they compare to the Big East? Can Pat Sajak compare to Vanna White? No. If the Big East is "down" like this every year...doesn't life just stink??

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