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Introducing South Orange Juice

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Due to the events that transpired last season, a decision was made to change the name of Gonzo Ball going forward into the 2010-11 season.  As you can see from the URL in your browser, I'm happy to announce that the change is complete.  I'd like to thank the staff at SB Nation for making this happen, as we have finally shed the Gonzo name (unfortunately, the painful memories will last) from the unofficial home of Pirates basketball, we hope you like our new digs.  Finally, we'd like to also thank a fellow SHU alumnus, the very talented Benjamin Douglass, in creating the new logo, as you can see, it turned out exceptionally well and we can't wait to have it plastered in our store this coming season. Hit the link and check out some of his work.  If this offseason has been as painful for you as it has been for us, no worries, as the summer winds down, the upcoming season is beginning to peer it's head from around the corner.  Let's Go Hall.