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Seton Hall Basketball: Jeremy Hazell Will Play Tonight Against DePaul in Chicago

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Jon Rothstein reporting via Twitter

Sources indicate that there is a legitimate possibility that Jeremy Hazell will play tonight for Seton Hall against DePaul in Chicago...

And Adam Zagoria:

Jeremy Hazell is at Seton Hall shootaround at DePaul taking form shooting, per a source. Still no official word from the school.

Well there you have it.  To me, this seems as if Jeremy Hazell has been cleared and the team is solely deciding whether or not to play him tonight against DePaul or to hold him off the court until Saturday's matchup with Pittsburgh.  Adam Zagoria reported this morning that he traveled with the team to DePaul.   It's great news in the sense that our basketball team may have it's most dangerous (and sometimes, only) weapon back, but it's bad news for the stubborn Seton Hall fan that was hoping he'd redshirt and return for another full season.  Ultimately, this was Jeremy and his family's decision to make and no matter the decision, he deserves the support of the entire Seton Hall community.  If Jeremy suits up tonight, it's been too long, welcome back Bigg Game. 

Update 2:05PMZagoria:

Source says Jeremy Hazell has been cleared to play tonight vs. DePaul. Remains to be seen if he will.

Update 06:02PMPrunty

Seton Hall just announced that Jeremy Hazell will play tonight at DePaul