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Seton Hall Basketball: Halftime Notes - Seton Hall 32, DePaul 31, Open Game Thread Page II

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-Need to start with Jeremy.  The senior checked in around the 15-minute mark and picked up right where he left off, three games into the season.  Hazell finished the first-half leading all scorers with 8PTS/REB/AST on 3-of-7 (2-of-4 3PT) shooting.  He made one erroneous pass which sailed out of bounds when he got caught in DePaul's full-court press.  Otherwise, he's looked good in limited first half minutes.  I've got a feeling the minutes restriction will be lifted in the second half as Kevin Willard finds his Pirates in a dogfight with the Blue Demons.  

-Speaking of the DePaul press, it's been scary good.  So good so, that they've forced Seton Hall into committing 7TO.  The Blue Demons themselves have protected the basketball extremely well, committing just 1TO themselves.  

-Cleveland Melvin, who the Pirates recruited heavily has been atrocious on the offensive end.  He's taken 14 shots and made just 3 of them.  Not to mention, he's missed more bunnies than I think Herb Pope has all season.  And Herb's missed a bunch.  

-Herb Pope and Keon Lawrence each have 6PTS and Jeff Robinson has added 5PTS.  It's been a very balanced half for the Pirates, who have 18REB as a unit, but only Polynice (4) has more than 3.  They're currently edging the Blue Demons on the glass 18-15.  If they can continue to win the battle on the boards while cutting down on the turnovers, Seton Hall should be able to pull this one out.