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Seton Hall Basketball: It's Time for Casual Hoya (Georgetown) to Walk the Plank!

This edition of Walk the Plank features our friends over at Casual Hoya, the SBN blog covering all things Georgetown.  We hit them with five questions about tonight's matchup between the Pirates and Hoyas at The Rock to gain some insight on their thoughts regarding the game. Please note that these questions are meant to be light-hearted banter between the two blogs. Casual Hoya also interviewed South Orange Juice in their version of Walk the Plank, called Sleeping with the Enemy. Check it out as well!

Without further ado, Casual Hoya Walks the Plank:

SOJ: The Hoyas last came to Newark in 08-09 ranked 14th and lost to an 0-6 Seton Hall team in a game in which Jeremy Hazell shot 10 3-pointers and missed them all.  Why won’t Georgetown drop their second consecutive game at the Rock on Tuesday?

CH: I was at that game in a casual suite at The Rock and aside from some nice warm assorted nuts and ample light beers, the game was an unmitigated disaster.  If I recall correctly, the Hall celebrated the anniversary of that Final Four team AGES AGO at halftime, and PJ Carlesimo was introduced last to tepid applause and "Sprewell Choked You!" chants from the Hoya faithful.  Good times.

As far as reasons why the Hoyas won’t lose to the Pirates again?  They very well might!  Georgetown has been very poor thus far shutting down the opponent’s top scorer, so the fact that a gunner (no pun intended) like Hazell is back from his unfortunate accident is not at all good news for Georgetown.  The key for the Hoyas will be forcing Hazell to take bad shots (which he tends to do anyway) while shutting down Seton Hall’s second and third options.  Jeremy Hazell is not going to beat Georgetown on his own, so if the Hoyas can kick it up a notch defensively and control the glass, they should be fine.

SOJ: How far did the 9-point victory at the RAC go for the Hoyas righting the ship?  Should they fall to the Pirates and get leaped by Seton Hall in the conference standings (at least for a few days), what would that do for your depression level? 

CH: Although we at Casual Hoya are nothing if not resolute in our cynicism, any conference win (particularly in this year's Big East) - and particularly any conference road win - is a huge deal. There's no way to sugarcoat it but that game was thought of as a snoozer at the beginning of the year but became an absolute must win within the past week. The most important aspect was getting Austin Freeman back to playing at a star level.

Not sure how best to quantify this year's depression as a promising team has really hit the skids for the past few weeks. Seton Hall has some emotion going with the return of no conscious gunner, Jeremy Hazell, but Georgetown continues to play with its back against the wall. Losing to Seton Hall would be a major blow, and lead to a long week off before St. John's visits Verizon, which would probably be half empty as people officially write the season off. Little doubt that this game is an absolute must win.

SOJ: If one of the Big Three (Freeman-Clark-Wright) HAS TO break his foot before postseason play (BET included), which one are you taking a crowbar to?  To put it nicely, who is the least important to any Georgetown postseason success?

CH: What the hell kind of question is this?  Excellent job by a Northern Jersey blog to dispel Mafia-tie myths by tossing out questions that lean heavily on broken bones and the use of crowbars.  Come on! Anyways: the entire importance of the three guards (aka DC-3, Run DMV, The Hoya Trinity etc etc) is as a unit.  Thus: the crowbar should be used on my skull.  It's a worthy trade and a willing sacrifice for the team.

SOJ: What’s got you excited about the pair of top 100 recruits you’ve got coming next year in Hopkins and Trawick?  I mean, other than the fact that they aren’t from the Canary Islands and they have documented success at the High School level?

CH: You have forgotten about the prize in the group which is Tyler Adams, a 6’9" big man out of Mississippi.  Adams is listed as the 5th best center and 54th best player in the Class of 2011 by Rivals.  With Adams, Hopkins, and Trawick coming in to join a pretty solid crop of freshmen this year which includes Nate Lubick and Markel Starks (both of which will see playing time against Seton Hall), and returning players Jason Clark, Hollis Thompson among others, the future remains bright in Hoya Land.  Also, the Canary Islands are beautiful.  Quite scenic.   

SOJ: How does this game play out?  A repeat of 2009 or do the Hoyas build some momentum after beating up on consecutive NJ basement-dwellers?  Final score?

CH: The Hoyas are through the worst of it.  Shooting slumps are all about confidence and in the second half of the Pitt game (which perhaps they got lazy sitting on a double-digit lead) and throughout the Rutgers game, the shots started dropping and everybody felt better.  Now that all the pistons are firing I think we'll make short work of the Pirates: Hoyas Win! 72-60.