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Seton Hall Basketball: UPDATE: Jamel Jackson Will Not Leave Team

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Jon Rothstein reporting... 

Sources indicate that Seton Hall senior guard Jamel Jackson is in the process of attempting to leave the team w no intent to return....

So much for the "flu-like symptoms" that kept him off the bench for Saturday's loss to Rutgers.  It's been a brutal year for the senior who averaged 5.7PTS/17MPG in a season that saw Kevin Willard give him multiple shots at winning the starting #2 spot in Hazell's absence.  Jackson struggled all season as he has much of his Seton Hall career (sans VMI), before receiving three straight coach's DNP's against DePaul, Pittsburgh and Georgetown prior to sitting out Saturday's Rutgers loss with, "flu-like symptoms."  If true, we wish the best of luck to the second Pirate to leave mid-season in Kevin Willard's first year as head coach.

Update 7:20PM: Adam Zagoria denies Rothstein's report: 

Jamel Jackson has NOT left the Seton Hall team. He's currently on the bus to Syracuse after having a talk with coach Kevin Willard.  "Jamel's in the back of the bus watching the movie." -- Seton Hall team source on Jamel Jackson. Team is driving to Syracuse

Looks like Willard successfully talked him out of the move.  It'll be interesting to see if he receives another coach's DNP tomorrow.  Willard's in a tough spot here.  Jamel has shot himself out of the rotation, but after their discussion today, if he doesn't play tomorrow, who's to say he won't leave the team anyway?  The drama surrounding all things Seton Hall Basketball plays on.