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Seton Hall Basketball: Halftime Notes - Seton Hall 21, Louisville 36, Open Game Thread Page II

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-So much for the mini-camp that the Pirates held at the Indiana Pacers facility following the loss to Cincinnati.  This team didn't show up tonight, falling to a 24-2 deficit.  This team took in the Colts and Titans game Sunday?  I don't care how much they practiced or how much film they watched, they should have done more.  They absolutely embarrassed themselves in the first half.  

-After hitting just 1FG in the first ten minutes, the Pirates actually outplayed the Cardinals in the final ten minutes, 19-12. That will do the Pirates about as good as a moral victory - nothing.  Too little, too late.  This ballgame was over before the Pirates stepped onto the court.  The teacher blew the pupil out of the gym, before Willard's team could hit their second field goal.  Just pathetic.  

-Herb Pope's first four offensive possessions? Missed bunny, turnover, turnover, turnover.  

-The Pirates PG combo is 0-for-8 from the floor. 

-Jeff Robinson has attempted 5 3PT field goals, but has hit two of them.  Herb Pope also shot one for good measure.  

-The Pirates shot 22% from the floor and turned the ball over 9 times.  I wonder at what point Rick Pitino will call the dogs off?  30 point cushion? Hopefully.